City Attractions


-- Golden Temple --
The Golden Temple is the principal shrine of Sikhism. It is surrounded by the sacred Amrita Saras (Pool of Mortality), in which the pilgrims bathe to become spiritually purified. Click to enlarge
-- Durgiana Mandir --
A famous Hindu temple in the lines of the Golden Temple, with a sacred sarover sorrounding. It's dedicated to God's Laxmi Narayan and attracts thousands of devotees round the clock. The replica scenes from the Hindu epic 'Ramayana' & 'Mahabharat around the sarover are for an eyewash. Click to enlarge
-- Jalianwala Bagh --
On 13th April 1919, General Dyer of the British Army sprayed Bullets in to innocent civilians killing thousands and injuring hundreds. The masacre was condenmed worldwide and the indian freedom movement was given an altogether different dimension thereafter. A special memorial at the very spot reminds us about the supreme sacrifice of our forefathers for independence of our motherland. Click to enlarge
-- Wagah Border --
A Colorful 'Brating the Retreat' ceremony in the INDO-PAK Border at visitors from both the sides of the Border. A visit to AMRITSAR is undoubtly incomplete without a visit to wagah. Click to enlarge


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